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10 Favorite Songs from the Harry Potter Movies

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Often when we talk about the Harry Potter movies, we share about what we loved, hated, what was left out, added, and altered. The amazing attention to detail that was brought to life in front of our eyes with the astounding production design is almost always never left out of the conversation.

But, what about our ears?
We can't forget about the amazing soundtracks, which orchestrate every one of our favorite scenes. When I think about some of my favorite moments, the songs are what immediately comes to mind. I took it upon myself to brave the mission, listen to the soundtracks intently, and picked out some of my personal favorites. I hope you'll be inspired to talk about some of yours!

Gilderoy Lockhart (from Chamber of Secrets). There might be one title track that positively describes one of the minor characters, and that one track might be Gilderoy Lockhart. The bouncey yet gliding, smooth rhtymhmn says it all about him: phony, charming, a little deceitful, oblivious and up to no good.

Dumbledore's Army (from Order of the Phoenix). A moment when we caught a glimpse of our favorite characters' patronuses. It also plays in Half Blood Prince when Ron's trying out for Quidditch. Truly, lighthearted moments like these needed a lighthearted beat like this one.

Buckbeaks Flight (from Prisoner of Azkaban ). From the roar of the drums to the light airyness of the orchestra, this track truly captures the freedom and innocence Harry feels for a moment the freedom Harry felt taking flight on Buckbeaks' back. If you're in public like me listening to this song, try to restrain yourself from crying out 'WooooHoooo!" at the 1:21 mark.

From the Sorcerer's Stone, we have the Arrival of Baby Harry, Platform 9 3/4, and for the love of a patronus, who hasn't hummed Hedwig's Theme. I literally play this on the drive to school some days to make my muggle life a little more magical. In all seriousness though, this soundtrack is so comforting throughout all the movies. It purely never fails to bring all the magic back to us when we miss it the most.

Golden Egg (from Goblet of Fire)
One of the great elements that makes the movies come to life is the action and adventurous scenes Harry has to face. For the first tournament, Harry and his fellow Triwizard competitors must acquire a golden egg that the dragons are protecting. The score that accompanies this song can take your breath away.

O Children by Nick Cave (from Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part One). Not a score, I know! Harry and Hermione don't belong together, I know Romione purists...but I can't help but love this scene, love the song, just absolutely love it.

Dumbledore's Farewell (from Half-Blood Prince ). In our darkest moments we have the ability to turn on the light. Somehow all of Hogwarts had the courage to raise their lightened wands towards the sky black sky marked with the dark mark. Who could forget that.

A Prince's Tale (from Deathly Hallows Part Two)This is quite possibly my favorite soundtrack as a whole, but not for mourning the ending. Like a great big completed puzzle, every track fits perfectly together. Who could forget exactly where they were when they saw the movie and heard Lily's Theme glide us through the Warner Bros Logo? or getting wrapped up in the emotions of Snape's Memories? Perfect.

Obliivate and Snape to Malfoy Manor. (from Deathly Hallows Part 1). These two eerily sound so similar to me, and both of them mark the beginning: For the golden trio, a hunt for the horcruxes. For Voldemort and the DeathEaters a ruthless search for Harry.

Leaving Hogwarts (from Sorcerer's Stone & serves as The Epilogue in Deathly Hallows Part Two). This track ends the Sorcerer's Stone film, and leaves us feeling that there is so much more magic and adventure ahead of us. It also serves as the epilogue in Deathly Hallows Part 2, and marks the relief that all was finally well for Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

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