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Osceola Library Conjures Incredible Harry Potter Magic for Muggles

More than Christmas, Halloween, or even my own birthday, September 1st is my favorite day of the entire year. It's probably easy to guess why. On the Harry Potter calendar, it's time to return to Hogwarts.

I've been counting down for the new term so this summer because I was invited to join the festivities at Sorcerers At Sunset: An Evening of Muggles and Magic, a spell-binding event at the Osceola Library in Florida.

Teresa and Michelle, heads of the event planning at the library, with the Youth Staff, Circulation Staff, Teen Ambassadors and Friends of the Library transformed the literary haven with decorations from the Harry Potter books and movies. Witches and wizards from age 10 and up spent the evening celebrating the magic of our favorite series with specialized classes and demonstrations.

From the moment you stepped into the library, you were being transported into the wizarding world. All kinds of activities were spread out across the two floors of the library - Quidditch Pong, wand-making craft, artwork, an escape room and so much more. Every activity earned guests raffle tickets to be used later on in the contest to win special door prizes. There was so much to learn and magic to create. Just take a look below and see the incredible work behind this magical event.

A special preview of coming attractions for the evening

Headmaster's Office

Mischief managed

Anyone have a piece of chocolate?Brave like Gryffindor or Cunning like Slytherin
Are you brave like Gryffindor or cunning like Slytherin?

Perhaps you're loyal at heart like Hufflepuff or wise like Ravenclaw?

Computers were open for witches and wizards to be sorted on Pottermore

Flying Ford Anglia crashing through the Whomping Willow

What lies in your future?

Professor Trelawney sees all. My fortune: beware of the man in the tall hat

Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Molly stopping by for the evening

Learning all of the secrets in Advanced Potion Making

Anyone fancy a game of Quidditch Pong?

House Elf Inspired Christmas Tree

The different horcruxes were placed throughout the library for a scavenger hunt. Each one contained a clue to complete a sentence from the series.

Here's one of the clues. We found them all to complete the task: When in doubt, go to the library. But who said it? If you guessed wrong you ended up in detention with Dolores.

Uh-oh, looks some witches and wizards are in trouble!

Yes, I ended up in detention. Not because I failed the scavenger hunt but because I'm a proud member of Dumbledore's Army. Also, there was a wand-making class, where witches and wizards painted their wands. My core contained unicorn blood, so I went with a fancy gold and white combination.

Class is in session with Professor Sprout

Do you have your earmuffs for protection? We learned all about mandrakes and how their roots
are use to aid and prove relief for certain illnesses.

Recycled Book Art decorated the library's walls and shelves. Every time you turned around, there was something new and creative to see. Can you believe all of the decorations and artwork were handmade? This event was a true community effort of bringing everyone together!

Amazing hallway decked out with Hogwarts letters and Dolores's proclamations as you journey to Kings Cross Station for the escape room

Don't go into the girl's lavatory on the second floor. The chamber has been opened.

Poor miserable, moping Moaning Myrtle.

Can you find Platform 9 3 /4? The enchanted station to Hogwarts has been transformed into an escape room where prospective students must rise to the challenge and journey to Hogwarts safely on the Hogwarts Express.

The challenge started off with having trouble on the Hogwarts Express. Once solved, we were able to navigate our way through Hogwarts inspired by Harry's adventures from the books. Our group finished with forty five seconds left on the clock. I've never participated in an escape room before but it was so exciting to engage in a battle of wits answering different math and reading clues inspired by the series.  The activity was so popular, all the slots to participate were taken by the end of the night. The library prepared in advance though because extra evenings for the escape room have been extended throughout September.

This post doesn't cover all of the evening festivities because there was so much to see and do. Some of the activities included catching flying pixies from Gilderoy Lockhart's Defense Against The Dark Arts class, a guessing game with Bertie Blotts Every Flavor Jelly Bean, and a fantastic beasts class with a demonstration of live animals including owls (it's important stand up for our furry friends). Not only was the special night full of entertainment, there was also a powerful love of learning and celebrating the series that has inspired generations of readers too. The event hosted by the St. Cloud Friends of the Library was absolutely amazing. It'll forever be one of my favorite memories as a bookworm and Harry Potter fan. Remember to always support your local library!

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