Saturday, October 27, 2018

Harry Potter and the Trip to Magic Kingdom

Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a perfect opportunity for Floridians and tourists to celebrate Halloween throughout autumn. The festivities include being able to dress-up and trick-or-treat around Magic Kingdom, as villains take over the theme park with new shows and fireworks, dance parties, and meet-and-greets.

Living in Florida and loving Harry Potter, as well as being a Disney fan, there's often a competition between the two major theme parks Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World. (Two years ago, I made it my geek-duty to attend Mickey's party as SNL's perfect rift of Kylo Ren as Matt the Radar Technician, the boss of StarKiller Base.) And, this year, I couldn't help but want to take advantage of that by dressing up as Harry Potter from the first film of his series Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 

It was a blast to walk around and hear the whispers of Harry and Hedwig with people who recognized what I was going for. I almost didn't bring Hedwig along because I didn't know if she would be tough to handle, but I think she helped bring the look together. A few of the characters in the parade like the Country Bear Jamboree and Tinker Bell even pointed me out and flourished invisible wands - those moments definitely made my night. Though this wasn't the first time I've cosplayed as Harry at the beginning of his journey to Hogwarts (RIP A Celebration of Harry Potter), it was a lot of fun to bring a different kind of magic to Disney World!

Hagrid told me to stick my ticket....
but I think I'm a little lost.

Well, I found my way to the trains...but nobody can help me find Platform 9 3/4.
Who's this guy Walt Disney I keep hearing about?
Is he a wizard in disguise?
Who am I Hedwig? Where am I? This is not the Diagon Alley I was looking for.
Revelio, Hogwarts!
Looks like I'll just have to make due here.
At least I have Hedwig....

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