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Luna Lovegood Funko SuperCute Plush (Product Review)

Luna Lovegood Funko SuperCute Plush (Product Review)
As a lot of Potterheads wait for the new releases of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops - the extremely popular line of figurines inspired by movies, video games, tv shows, and every fandom under the sun - one of my favorite collectibles is another type of Funko - the SuperCute Plush line. Considerably not as hype-worthy as the Pop or Mini-Figures or Five Star collections, their plushies are as cute as can be. Almost every single time I see them at the store, I have to get one.

Funko's SuperCute Luna Lovegood Plush is dressed almost identically to actress Evanna Lynch in the sixth film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - pink jacket, stars and galaxies skirt, blue tights, red shoes, and the Quibbler glasses. The only thing that is missing (and would've made the look even more complete) are her raddish earrings and the Quibbler magazine, but she is still adorable just as she is.

Like almost all of the Funko plushes, Luna is about 8 inches tall, which gives her a nice height - she's not too big or small. Her Quibbler glasses are made of a thick sturdy plastic and are not removable  unless you snap the attachment off. You can move her glasses to sit above her head, just like Luna does in the movie  - which is a nice addition instead of having the glasses just sit on her face.

Unlike some of the other stuffed toys from Funko's SuperCute Plush collection that are generally released everywhere like Amazon and Target, this Luna version is a Barnes and Noble exclusive. You can only find her at Barnes and Noble stores. If you're on the look-out for more Luna merchandise, or a toy that is safe for little kids, this plushie is a must-have.

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