Monday, July 08, 2019

Experience Hogsmeade Station With The Trainline's Magical 3D Model

Hogsmeade Station 3D Model Trainline
Photo Credit: Trainline
To Britain natives, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a popular feature to travel through North England's rolling countryside. The real location used for filming in the Harry Potter series, among other movies and television shows, has become a beloved location in the wizarding world.

Serving as the backdrop for the Hogwarts Express to journey between Platform 9 3/4 Quarters at Kings Cross Station and Hogsmeade Station, one of the biggest dreams for every Harry Potter fan is to one day travel between the muggle and wizarding world to Hogwarts.

The Trainline, Europe's top rail and coach booking platform, has created a 3D model of Hogsmeade Station - or as its known to muggles - Goathland station in North Yorkshire, England. From the comfort of their laptop or mobile device, fans can explore the platform, tracks, and even board the historic steam locomotive LMS 542, which served as inspiration for the famous Hogwarts Express.

To create the experience, Trainline collaborated with Promote360 to survey the landscape and the train in order to give fans an authentic and in-depth digital experience.

Joanna Williams described how the team used 3D scanning capture all the right angles:
It was fantastic to work on this very exciting and unique photoshoot of the NYMR steam train. It was a beautiful sunny but very cold day in December. The NYMR team got up at the crack of dawn to get the train up and running and bring her into Goathland station. We had to work quickly throughout the day to capture all angles of the train, inside and out, and the station platform.

We even had to bring in our 4-metre high tripod to view the roof and inside the tender! We were racing to get it done before sunset and overall took over 150 3D scans of the train. Working in the cold was definitely worth it and we were rewarded at the end of the day with a ride up with the driver for a few miles down the track!
Living out the journey of a Hogwarts student is one of the many attractions for fans to visit Goathland Station. With five locations for travelers to explore the surrounding regions, NYMR Stations offers northbound and southbound stations that takes you around Europe's beautiful landscapes. To book a reservation for your own trip, check out the official website for Trainline and North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

The virtual tour offers an in-depth experience you won't find anywhere else - unless you visit the location in person of course! What part of the 3D Model did you enjoy? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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