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Will O'Wips's Wand Emporium (Product Review)

Will O'Wips's Wand Emporium Review
Inspired by the Harry Potter series, an Amazon store Will O'Wisp's Wand Emporium designed five special wands for wizards and witches to wield their magic and cast charms.

Having collected personalized and one-of-a-kind wands to add to my collection, the owners of the store sent me one of their designs for having shared the exciting news of the store earlier on my blog.

Please Note: I received this wand from Will O'Wisp's Wand Emporium in exchange of a review. Opinions are my own. I do not receive commission if you click on any of the links in this post. If you'd like to send me a product to review, check out my work with me page. Thank you for supporting my site!

Every aspect of the wand and its display case is carefully crafted and imaginatively designed. 

Harry Potter fans Matthew and Pavi commissioned 500 wands and boxes from artisan woodworkers. The passion project features five original designs. Each are given a special name - Summoner, Evoker, Enchanter, Charmer, and Conjurer - and certificate of authenticity with an unique serial number. Beautifully carved and finished from solid beechwood, each wand also comes with a fabric-lined rosewood-stained display box with a gold-colored filigree on the top lid.

An original backstory brings you into the story of the wands' creations as fans are invited to heed the warnings of the Department of Magical Affairs to protect themselves against dark wizards called Malum Draco. All of the wands are made from beechtree, giving wizards extra defenses in dispelling the effects of hexes and jinxes.

Will O'Wips's Wand Emporium Review

The wand I selected was The Conjurer - it has a beveled handle with indentations and curved end. Measuring at 15 inches long, the wand is about the same length as the wands purchased from official Harry Potter retailers - making it a perfect instrument to cast spells. The wand has a beautiful caramel color and stained finish, making it pop and stand out against other wands that I have.

The display box with the golden lining is a thoughtful example of the attention to detail the owners have their creation. Similar to the wand, it's craftsmanship is sturdy and tailored to the wands size, so there's no need to worry about how to store the wand when it's not in use. The shop makes sure to think of all the details so Hogwarts students, Aurors, and wizards can enjoy their handmade collectible as soon as they open the box.

Will O'Wisp's Wand Emporium is an original shop inspired by the magic of Harry Potter and are currently helping other fans created their own with their wand collection. The shop is open on Amazon and Etsy.

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