Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Celebrating Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s One-Year Anniversary

For the past year Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has brought joy to millions of witches and wizards embarking on their augmented reality mobile game. 

As fans explored the app, they've journeyed through the wizarding world as a member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force locating fantastical creatures in the real world.

The infographic above celebrates the milestones Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has accomplished via wizarding challenges and special events. The highlights of the game's success ranges from how many points of interest they've gained to the miles fans have walked while playing.

  • 5 BILLION Traces Returned

  • 2 BILLION visits to points of interest

  • 850 MILLION Potions consumed

  • 400 MILLION Kilometers walked

  • 275 MILLION Wizarding Challenges Won

As Harry Potter: Wizards Unite enters its second year of magical missions for its users, the mobile game continues to offer more exciting Special Assignments and foundables.

Be sure to follow along the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite official website and social media spaces for more information regarding updates and new challenges.

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