Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Sign Up To Participate In Harry Potter Mental Health Study

The Harry Potter series has given readers the opportunity to escape into a magical world of wizardry. Underneath the fantastical elements of wand-waving and casting spells, the books also underscored valuable life lessons and exploration of mental health. One of the reasons generations continue to find new love for the franchise is its ability to help us connect to our deepest feelings, experiences, and the world around us.

A study, conducted by two students earning their Masters in psychology is currently being held and looking Harry Potter fans to participate.

Josefine and Maja from Sweden are currently researching how Harry Potter can be incorporated into Harry Potter and how the books affect mental health. The pair originally met when they started university and began bonding over Maja's Always tattoo and Josefine's Deathly Hallows earring. They have been behind a school bench for 17 years with the past 4-5 years focusing on psychology.
After that we talked every morning before class, I had a safe place and it was her and Harry Potter. I do not know if we would have connected as strongly and quickly without our mutual love for Harry Potter. After this it was easy and we found out every day that we loved all the same things and after some time we started discussing the possibility of writing our master thesis together. We had a few ideas over the years but in the end Maja turned and said “Come on Josefine, let’s finish this the way we started...together”.
After 17 years of study, both Josephine and Maja knew they needed a project that excited them and felt close to home - nothing feels more close to home than returning to Hogwarts.

As for the study: four groups will be divided into two subgroups - the subgroups will read different kinds of material on Harry Potter. Within the subgroups, one will have social interaction with Josefine and Maja, while the other participants will simply read the material without social interaction.

The participants will fill out forms measuring depression, anxiety, stress, and psychological flexibility pre and post the intervention. 

They are currently looking for participants who are 18+, fluent in written and spoken English, have never done ACT or mindfulness before, and love Harry Potter.

If you would like to participate in the study, you can do so at the official recruitment link.

Please note that Potter Talk is independent from the study and any information that you submit into the study is not shared with this blog or blog owner.

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