Sunday, October 31, 2021

15 Spelltacular Harry Potter Instagram Posts Celebrating Halloween

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Hogwarts students are used to making magic all year 'round. But there's an extra-special feeling of enchantment on Halloween. It's a bigger reason to decorate our burrows like the wizarding world, dress up as our favorite characters, and cast a few spells without breaking any muggle rules. 

As a bewitching way to celebrate the festive season, here are 15 spelltacular creators and posts to check out on Instagram. Consider following and supporting these amazing accounts.

(And if you need inspiration to find and share wizarding content on Instagram, take a look at my comprehensive list of Harry Potter hashtags for Instagram.)

Please Note: I chose the posts above on my own. None of the creators below contacted me to be featured on my blog. Feel free to follow and tag me @pottertalkblog if you're sharing Harry Potter content, and I will share your posts in my stories and/or on in the future. Thank you for supporting my site!

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