Blog Disclosure

As a blogger and freelance writer, this blog Potter Talk gives me opportunities to attend Harry Potter related events, review products, and participate in magical events around the world.

Below are a list of my disclosures of how this blog operates:

I, Katy Rochelle, solely operate this blog. I alone answer all of my social media accounts such as twitterinstagram, facebook, and inquiries made to my email.

How I Blog:

If I use a product from any website or store, I always disclose the use of products by stating one of the following information in a blog post:

- if the product was sent to me free of charge by the manufacturer/company in exchange for a review
- if the product has an affiliate link of which I earn compensation through a third party purchase
- if I bought the product and reviewed it without sponsorship nor compensation from any third party

I love to discover new artists and artwork published around the web. A few of the sources I use on a regular basis are deviantart and tumblr. I disclose and give credit to all artwork posted unless the original creator cannot be found. If you find an image on this blog that needs credit by you, the original creator, please email me. I will remove the item or add credit upon request.

If I attend a Harry Potter event it is out of my own pocket, unless otherwise stated such as a sponsored opportunity by a third-party.

As Potter Talk's sole blog owner, graphic designer, video and photo editor, etc. I may receive a press pass to attend a convention or event and will state the method how I attended.

Amazon Associates Disclaimer

As a member of the Amazon Associates program, Potter Talk receives commissions from through affiliate links featured in specific posts. For every purchase made via Amazon links featured in my posts, I receive a portion of the sales. These commissions help support me delivering you the latest Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts news.

I do not collect any of your personal information made from sales. The items are manufactured and sold exclusively through Amazon, therefore I am not responsible for how purchases through Amazon are handled. Furthermore, I always state if a post contains Amazon affiliate links as an act of transparency to you - the readers.

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