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How To Sign Up For Your Wizarding Passport (A Breakdown of Pottermore's New Feature)

Pottermore Wizarding World Passport
For the past seven years, Pottermore has been the news and activities hub for everything Harry Potter. It's where we learn the latest news, browse character features, take quizzes, and so much more.

On an interactive level, fans have signed up to the site as a virtual Hogwarts student - to get sorted, discover our patronus, and let the wands choose us.

An epic change to Pottermore was made with the announcement of adding a Wizarding Passport at WizardingWorld.comAs part of their new joint venture with Warner Bros., WizardingWorld.com will take the place of Pottermore's interactive features with our profiles.

Let's a take second to breakdown the new WizardingWorld addition  - the pros, cons, and how to get your passport!

Pottermore Profile
Pottermore remains as the same site it has been for the past four years before its first renovation. It's still asking (and answering) all the biggest questions about the books and movies, announcing new ventures in J.K. Rowling's series, and keeping us up-to-date with the latest news.

WizardingWorld.com is essentially an add-on feature to Pottermore. Fans who already have a Pottermore account can merge their current profile onto WizardingWorld.com or start a whole new account. Your profile will remain the digital hub as it always has been and will be in the future.

All of your Hogwarts traits - house, Patronus, wand, etc. - are transferrable from one site to the other. The process to is fairly simple:
- Go to Pottermore.com and click on the log-in symbol in the top right corner.
- Click to merge your account to WizardingWorld.com
- Enter the email address you used for Pottermore.com.
- Create a new password.
- Fill in your information - Name, Birthday, Country, and sign up / opt out to receive their newsletters.
- You'll receive an email with a special code. Enter the code into their confirmation page.

You can now log in on WizardingWorld.com with your old Pottermore account. If you want to start a new account, you can do so at either Pottermore or Wizarding World.com.

My Wizarding World profile
You received your digital Wizarding Passport. Now what?
Good question. Right now, you can still log onto both sites to enjoy and explore your Hogwarts profile. There's no word if this will change in the future.

What are the differences between the sites? 
Pottermore maintains its traditional sections of your stats so far. You can also click on your stats such as your house, wand, patronus, etc. and explore the website's encyclopedia of information.

WizardingWorld.com offers an upgraded responsive feature that works well on smartphones, tablets, etc. You can scroll your passport but there's nothing to explore right now if you try to click on your wand or patronus.  You can choose your favorite characters, spells, etc. and share your top three picks with friends.

My Wizarding Passport
How do I get the fancy graphic to share?
Choose your favorite in each of the total six sections - character, spells & potions, places & transport, beasts & beings, Quidditch team, objects & food. Then select three sections of the total six sections. You'll be given a graphic to download, share on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What will be added in the future? 
With WizardingWorld.com as apart of the larger Warner Bros. venture Wizarding World Digital, right now developments are in the works. No word yet on what the next developments will entail.

Will WizardingWorld.come remain free?
For the moment, basic access to our Wizarding Passport remains free. It's unclear if premium options will become available on the site in the future.

Rumor has it through a spokesperson with The Leaky Cauldron that the site is looking to add products including a premium option. An anonymous source at MuggleNet supposedly confirmed this with news regarding a gold tier access to the site. Wizarding World Gold members could pay to receive exclusive offers such as entering contests, priority seating to Harry Potter and the Cursed child, member only events, limited edition merchandise, etc. and a welcome kit.

 Stay tuned to this space for more info as it becomes available if any changes come to the WizardingWorld.com.

Have you signed up to WizardingWorld.com? Let me know what you think of Pottermore's new addition in the comments below.

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