Thursday, July 30, 2020

Interview with Author Tison Pugh (Harry Potter and Beyond: On J. K. Rowling’s Fantasies and Other Fictions)

J.K. Rowling is one of the most prolific writers of the literary world. Her work first cast spell with generations of readers with Harry Potter - a fantastical setting where wizards and witches navigate their wizarding world alongside the human world. From the initial publication when "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" invited children and adults journey alongside a boy who discovers he's a wizard to Rowling's post-Potter career, her work has inspired bookworms, writers, and scholars alike to study her themes, messages, and world-building. One such professor is Tison Pugh, a Pegasus Professor at University of Central Florida.

By using contemporary and popular novels to inspire discussion and analysis with his students, Pugh's gradually made a name in the collegiate arena for his popular course on Harry Potter. With an essay novel of his own published, Harry Potter and Beyond: On J. K. Rowling’s Fantasies and Other Fictions, Pugh examines the worlds within Rowling's work.

From her massive success with Harry Potter and subsequent transition into adult novels such as The Casual Vacancy and the Comoran Strike series, Pugh explores her work with a critical eye exploring the literary tools Rowling uses at her discretion to become the influential author she is today. Pugh doesn't shy away from the complex nature of the series, providing readers with a deep yet brisk study - how readers are compelled to conjure their own canon from the series, the themes she commonly infuses in her world-building, and the influence of her writing for readers. The book itself is a fascinating take on her work and a complementary resource for aspiring writers and bookworms.

I had the opportunity to interview the author Tison Pugh about how he approached researching the book, the blurred line of fan discourse, controversial and creative aspects of Rowling's influence.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Vera Bradley Unveils Spellbinding Limited-Edition Harry Potter Collection

Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection
Calling all witches and wizards - the new Harry Potter™ + Vera Bradley has arrived. 

For every area of your life at Hogwarts and beyond, you can add a dash of magic to your everyday life from back-to-school season to casual wear. This latest collection has you covered from backpacks and lunch bags to robs, lanyards, accessories, and more. 

Vera Bradley's partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products embodies the imagination, courage, and spirit of adventure of the Wizarding World. 

All of the styles in this collection are available in an exclusive Home to Hogwarts™ pattern, which includes iconic symbols from the Harry Potter™ series with Vera Bradley’s signature bright, colorful touch. Select pieces are also available in solid corduroy patterns styled after each Hogwarts™ house – so whether you aspire to the bravery of Gryffindor, the ambition of Slytherin, the wisdom of Ravenclaw, or the loyalty of Hufflepuff, there’s something for everyone.

Check out the official press release and a look at the magical collection below.  Visit the official Vera Bradley website to see the full collection and cast a spell with your clothing and accessories.

Friday, July 17, 2020

YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules #UnlockTheMagic

YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules Unboxing
Since 2018, YuMe's collection has bewitched fans all over the world with their Harry Potter collectibles. Their recent line of Harry Potter Magical Captures, where fans get to unlock the magic, is bound to cast a spell for witches and wizards of all ages. 

Each bronze case contains a hidden surprise character from the Harry Potter series, 1 Fantastic Beasts pet, 1 Wand, and 3 Surprise Accessories. To unbox every Hogwarts crest, fans must use color-coded, heat, and water-reveal mechanisms to unlock the secret change and discover the magic within. 

To celebrate this amazing new set of collectibles at, YuMe was kind enough to send me sample capsules to #unlockthemagic. Thank you for including me on this charming adventure!

Monday, July 13, 2020

YuMe Harry Potter Capsules Cast A Spell With Their Latest Wal-Mart Collection

YuMe Harry Potter Collection
YuMe's collection of Harry Potter toys has bewitched fans all over the world since 2018. And now, they're striving to leave fans spellbound with a new collection of Harry Potter Magical Capsules.

This new line of toys offer a brand-new way to unbox and collect the enchanting creatures and wizards of the Wizarding World™. 

Each bronze case is shaped like the Hogwarts crest and contains a hidden surprise character from the Harry Potter series, 1 Fantastic Beasts pet, 1 Wand, and 3 Surprise Accessories. 

To unbox every Hogwarts crest, fans must use color-coded, heat, and water-reveal mechanisms to unlock the secret change and discover the magic within. 

This exciting new collection is launching pre-orders exclusively at, as part of the retailer’s Collector Con on July 17, 2020.

From the official press release: 
“The incredible and enchanting world of adventure found in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises adds more than a little magic to fans’ lives," said Michael Kwan, CEO of Maxx Marketing . “We are tremendously excited to extend the sense of awe and wonder that the films are famous for with our Harry Potter Magical Capsules and give fans the opportunity to collect, unbox and showcase the magic found inside of them.”

There are ten Harry Potter Magical Capsules to collect in series one with iconic characters such as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Snape and many more. Each capsule also includes a wand, a fantastic beast pet, and three other surprise accessories. Each capsule will retail for $9.99 Harry Potter Magical Capsules are an extension to the successful line of Harry Potter products from YuMe in partnership with Warner Bros.

YuMe’s Harry Potter Magical Capsules will launch as part of Walmart’s Collector Con, the retailers initiative to allow fans to continue to build their collections with products normally only available at fan conventions across the country.
YuMe Harry Potter Collection

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Celebrating Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s One-Year Anniversary

For the past year Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has brought joy to millions of witches and wizards embarking on their augmented reality mobile game. 

As fans explored the app, they've journeyed through the wizarding world as a member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force locating fantastical creatures in the real world.

The infographic above celebrates the milestones Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has accomplished via wizarding challenges and special events. The highlights of the game's success ranges from how many points of interest they've gained to the miles fans have walked while playing.

  • 5 BILLION Traces Returned

  • 2 BILLION visits to points of interest

  • 850 MILLION Potions consumed

  • 400 MILLION Kilometers walked

  • 275 MILLION Wizarding Challenges Won

As Harry Potter: Wizards Unite enters its second year of magical missions for its users, the mobile game continues to offer more exciting Special Assignments and foundables.

Be sure to follow along the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite official website and social media spaces for more information regarding updates and new challenges.