Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Celebrating Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s One-Year Anniversary

For the past year Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has brought joy to millions of witches and wizards embarking on their augmented reality mobile game. 

As fans explored the app, they've journeyed through the wizarding world as a member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force locating fantastical creatures in the real world.

The infographic above celebrates the milestones Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has accomplished via wizarding challenges and special events. The highlights of the game's success ranges from how many points of interest they've gained to the miles fans have walked while playing.

  • 5 BILLION Traces Returned

  • 2 BILLION visits to points of interest

  • 850 MILLION Potions consumed

  • 400 MILLION Kilometers walked

  • 275 MILLION Wizarding Challenges Won

As Harry Potter: Wizards Unite enters its second year of magical missions for its users, the mobile game continues to offer more exciting Special Assignments and foundables.

Be sure to follow along the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite official website and social media spaces for more information regarding updates and new challenges.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tour for Muggles Introduces New Harry Potter WANDERlust Podcast

As we cast a spell of safety around our humble abodes during the Coronavirus quarantine, magical entertainment can conjure fascinating memories where we least it expect it. Even though us muggles can't travel as much as we'd like to, there's no reason we can't vicariously apparate into the beloved wizarding world from the comfort of home for some charming mischief. 

Tour for Muggles journeys fans around a walking tour of central London to Harry Potter locations. Their passion for J.K. Rowling's series has made them TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award for the Top 5 Attractions across the UK 2019. And now they're presenting a new experience for fans of the series who are looking for a different form of escape.

Their latest podcast WANDerlust and its Potterific YouTube Channel gives fans a whole new space to listen, learn, and have fun "walking" around the series' most famous sites and spell-tacular facts.

Every episode centers around a different location in the wizarding world from the Dursley's awful house on Privet Drive to the bewitched platform portal at Kings Cross Station. Fans can listen along to the podcast's delightful hosts on Apple Podcasts & Spotify as they explore the sites that make the Harry Potter books and films so popular in the real muggle world.

Along the way, fans can also check out their YouTube channel where the Harry Potter and the Quarantined Tour Guides do their best to bring a swish-and-flick of magic with magical inspired recipes and potions.

There's something new discover for both die-hard and new fans to learn little-known tidbits and perfect for fans of all ages to enjoy a cauldron-size dose of fun and adventure. 

There's no need to run through the barrier at Platform 9 3/4 and risk Dobby locking you out. Check out Tour for Muggle's WANDerlust podcast as well as their social media on twitter, facebook, and instagram for the latest news and updates.

Thursday, June 04, 2020

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Reopens Admist Coronavirus Lockdown

As the Coronavirus still lingers around the world, the virus is not entirely gone but is believed to have subsided. Even though most cities remain in lock-down throughout the United States, Florida governor Rick Desantis gave the all-clear for several tourist-related locations to re-open.

Before summer passes by us all like Harry Potter chilling out at The Burrows, Universal Orlando Resort is re-opening its theme park. 

With new safety precautions set in place for both team members and guests, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure re-opened on June 3rd to a small number of registered passholders to test out and explore the new changes. The park will continue to open in stages to minimal capacity starting June 5th.

To keep everyone as healthy as possible while eating at the park's restaurants and enjoying the rides, Universal Orlando Resort has put a number of new guidelines in place that adhere to social distancing:
  • Guests are required to wear a face mask of their own or for purchase
  • U-Rest Areas are designated areas where guests can remove their face maks while maintaining social distancing
  • Markers around the park signify how and where to keep at least 6ft apart
  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival at City Walk. If it's over 100.4 degrees, the guest(s) and workers will not be allowed to enter.
  • The parking lot as well as ride queues will be used with staggered marking / loading
When it comes several attractions, a Virtual Line has been implemented and is the only way to enjoy the attraction. You will have to use the Universal Orlando app to set a time, and then return to the attraction when it's your turn to ride.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

7 Ways To Cast A Spell of Lumos During Difficult Times

Harry Potter Lumos Spell
Sometimes it's hard to admit that the muggle world is a mess. Breaking news from around the world and within our own countries can add to the chaos and stress of our own struggles. Staying positive is a day-to-day challenge when our lives at home or in our close inner circles seems bleak.
"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." -Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
As challenging as it might be to fight against dementors and death eaters, we can choose to bring more lumos into our lives and those of our friends, family, and peers. Remaining motivated, finding inspiration, and feeling happy doesn't have to be jinxed by darkness. Below is seven ways to cast a spell of lumos and light during dark and difficult challenges.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Aldi Releasing New Harry Potter Collection Summer 2020

Are you looking to test out an invisibility cloak? or cast a spell of light with your wand? Aldi's bestselling Harry Potter collection is back and will be giving Potterheads more fun opportunities to conjure magic at home.

The store's latest line of Harry Potter products includes a variety of collectibles including the iconic Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, Lego Creations, Harry Potter Light Painting Wand, Harry Potter MYO Scarf, and Harry Potter single and double duvets.

Witches and wizards new line of merchandise will be available both in store and online May 24th, 2020.

Check out the press release and a closer look of the collectibles: