Pre-orders for New Edition of’Wizarding Duels’ Miniature Game Now Available

The highly anticipated new edition of the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, Wizarding Duels, is now available for pre-order, as announced by Knight Models.

The new edition, which encapsulates the thrill of magical duels in the wizarding world, has made some exciting changes. The package now includes fully assembled plastic miniatures, exquisitely crafted to depict fan-favorite characters from the Harry Potter franchise. These collectibles are primed and ready for personal touches, as enthusiasts can paint the figures to bring them to life.

Wizarding Duels is an accessible yet strategic game, where players must consider each move carefully to achieve victory. It features a faster, more intuitive gameplay than the previous versions, making the magic combat more thrilling and filled with epic moments.

The new two-player starter box is comprehensive and richly detailed. It includes eight distinct miniatures: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Hedwig, Lord Voldemort, two Death Eaters, and Nagini. The box also includes two double-sided game boards, over 130 tokens, character cards, spell cards, clash cards, quest cards, artifact cards, potion cards, and more.

Despite its complexity, the game remains easy to learn, which is part of its appeal. It allows players to immerse themselves in J.K. Rowling’s world like never before, drawing upon the lore and storylines fans have come to know and love.

The start of shipments for the Wizarding Duels game is scheduled for October 15, 2023. So if you’ve ever wanted to join the battle for the Wizarding World or pit your favorite characters against each other in magical duels, now is the time!

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