Launch of “Harry Potter: Wizarding Duels” Game Announced by Knight Models

Knight Models is set to initiate a Kickstarter campaign for its latest game, “Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game: Wizarding Duels.” The campaign kickoff is scheduled for 5 p.m. UTC+1 tomorrow, presenting a new venture into the realm of Harry Potter for enthusiasts.

At the start of the campaign, the core game box will be available for a promotional price of 55 euros, offering participants a 45 euro discount. This special pricing is intended to draw backers to the campaign from the beginning.

Knight Models also presents the NEWT pledge, a package that includes the core box and expansions such as Magical Masters, Servants of the Dark Lord, and Students & Magical Creatures, all for 150 euros. This pledge option provides a 100 euro saving to its backers, offering a substantial value.

An exclusive miniature of Gilderoy Lockhart will be offered as a complimentary bonus to backers who support the campaign within the first 24 hours. This initiative aims to enhance the gameplay experience by adding another character from the Harry Potter series to the mix.

Followers of the Kickstarter campaign are encouraged by Knight Models to stay tuned for the latest news and insights regarding “Wizarding Duels.” The campaign is expected to captivate both avid fans and those new to the Harry Potter gaming scene with its immersive experience.

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