Tom Felton Shares Magical Memories and Advice for New ‘Harry Potter’ Cast in Recent Collider Interview

In a recent interview, Tom Felton, known for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” films, shared a nostalgic look back at his journey through the magical halls of Hogwarts and offered some unique advice to the cast of the upcoming “Harry Potter” adaptation. Conducted by Maggie Lovitt and published four days ago, the interview coincided with the announcement of a new Harry Potter collection by Kinder Joy and Funko, designed to enchant a new generation of fans with collectible toys.

Felton’s conversation with Lovitt was tinged with fond memories, including his first experiences with Kinder Joy, a treat more prevalent in his native UK than in the US. The actor reminisced about collecting the toys from Kinder Joy eggs as a child, a memory that blends seamlessly with the magical world of Harry Potter, where collectibles like Chocolate Frogs are a staple. The partnership between Kinder Joy and Warner Bros. to introduce a Harry Potter toy collection, including mini Funko figures of iconic characters, is a dream come true for Felton, who eagerly anticipates collecting the entire set.

The interview also took a reflective turn as Felton discussed the uncertainties faced by the cast between films, revealing that there was never a guarantee of the series’ continuation from one movie to the next. This uncertainty, coupled with the camaraderie among the cast, fostered a deep bond that Felton cherishes to this day. He highlighted Daniel Radcliffe’s inspirational growth as an actor, which motivated the entire cast to improve with each film.

Felton’s advice to the new “Harry Potter” cast is both whimsical and practical: take more pictures and, jokingly, try to “steal more props.” This advice stems from his own experiences on set, where he wishes he had documented more memories. With today’s technology, Felton imagines the new cast will have no trouble capturing their adventures, likely sharing them with fans on platforms like TikTok.

Beyond the “Harry Potter” series, Felton briefly touched on his other roles, particularly his enjoyment of playing the boogeyman in “The Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting,” where he embraced a character as mischievously dark as it was fun.

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