YouTuber Creates the Ultimate Hogwarts Castle Layout – Every 2021-2023 Set Combined

Popular Lego YouTube channel HollyOnFilm has released a video showing what it looks like combining all Hogwarts LEGO sets released between 2021 and 2023. The video, aptly titled “The ULTIMATE Hogwarts Castle Layout | Every 2021-2023 Set Combined,” showcases an impressive and intricate modular style Hogwarts Castle, fashioned from 11 different LEGO sets.

Over the past three years, LEGO has released numerous Hogwarts-themed sets, each with their unique design and details, mirroring the iconic locations within the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. HollyOnFilm takes these separate sets and interlocks them, presenting a stunning, unified model that LEGO and Harry Potter enthusiasts worldwide will undoubtedly admire.

The Hogwarts LEGO sets, true to the books and movies, contain intricate detailing and design elements. They capture the essence of Hogwarts, from its towering spires and grand halls to its hidden rooms and chambers. HollyOnFilm’s efforts have resulted in a large-scale, immersive model of Hogwarts, demonstrating the compatibility and cohesiveness of these individual LEGO sets when combined.

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